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Special Edition AF1 Issue:

This Issue is dedicated to the AF1 for it's 25th Anniversary
Sold exclusively at Footlocker and Footaction Stores

Kicktionary: Air Force 1

Prepare yourselves for a wild ride through our most extensive Kicktionary ever! Remember old favorites and discover new ones as you travel through over 90 pages of Air Force 1 history.

Air Force 1 The History of a Sports and Fashion Legend

Charles Fox leads us through a course of AF1 History 101. Meet some of the key players in the emergence of the sneaker and discover facts you didn't know about the legend that grows with every pair.

Not A Collector

Everyone knows who the Air Force 1 guy is; it's Clark Kent. Meet the man who owns over 4,000 pairs of sneakers, doesn't display a single pair and wears every one. And wait 'til you hear some of the things he has to say.

"I Pick My Kicks First"

Fat Joe is a collector of a different breed. Meet the man who throws away a pair of white on whites after one use, licks the bottom of a brand new pair, picks his sneakers before his outfit and will pay the FedEx guy to steal Jay-Z's kicks.

Nike Air Force 25 Supreme

Nick DePaula discusses the brand new Nike Air Force 25 and gives the lowdown for the sneakerheads in a way that you won't find anywhere else. Find out what you'll like, not like and how it stays true to its original form.

No C Model for Him

No AF1 issue could be complete without Mr. Chi McBride. A collector willing to search the world over, he discusses the shoe, and the benefits of sneaker collecting for those who share his passion.


Flight School

Andre Igoudala steps into the spotlight in Philly now that a certain someone has packed their bags and headed to Denver to join Melo. But that doesn't stop him from taking the time preserve an awesome collection of kicks. Meet the player and sneakerhead and find out which pair of AF1s are his favorite.


1 and Only

Of course we know who The Man is, but everybody knows that 'Sheed is the catalyst for the Air Force 1 in modern-day basketball. Get the low down and your straps down for this rare, exclusive interview.


Air Force 1 Collectors

Meet some serious Force collectors from all around the country. Find out what sparked their passion as you read these sneakerheads' stories.


(Air Force) One Love

We can't forget about our lady sneakerheads. Check out these women with kicks of all kinds. From the gritty streets of Massachusetts all the way to New Zealand, ladies love their AF1s


The Rise of the AF1

This roundtable of Foot Locker footwear buyers share their knowledge and stories of how the AF1 rose to prominence. Who says that sneakerheads can only be found in the streets?


Broad Street Bully

Anthony Gilbert takes us to where the Air Force 1 legend started ' the streets of Philly. Find out how this everlasting connection started, how it made its way from Moses to 'Sheed, and how it will remain a constant in the games of basketball and fashion.


Sole Art

Although words are a big part of what we do, being a magazine and all; there are no words that can do justice to the sneakers that were designed for our custom AF1 contest. Prepare yourself to be awed by these amazing designs.



As Nike celebrates a 25-year legacy, treat yourself to a glimpse of the next chapter of the AF1!