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Issue 16: P-Rod II, New Balance, Gilbert Arenas...

New year, new kicks and lots of 'em. Issue 16 busts out the new year inventory from all of the heavy hitters - so hang onto some of that leftover holiday cash. Also, check out a rare opportunity to revisit some vintage photos from older SC issues, showing off some very rare and unique footwear. And if you like PlayStation, check out the shoe modeled after it.

The P-Rod II is here!
Paul Rodriguez (The Great) talks in depth about his brand new signature shoe and what skateboarding truly means to him.

PlayStation fans, check this out!
If you think getting a PlayStation 3 is hard, wait to see how disappointed you're going to be to find out your chances at getting the shoes that were modeled after the game itself.

A New style for New Balance
New Balance has put together their own version of the 'Dream Team' to blow up their new line of shoes. Their innovative and colorful ST33 line combines steamy new school heat and old school quality and YES, U.S. manufacturing.

The Oldest Sneaker?
Check out a fascinating piece on a historical journey of possibly the oldest pair of basketball sneakers still in existence.

Zero Effect
Gilbert Arenas has made some quirky footwear choices in the past, such as playing in running shoes. But after putting Arenas' first ever signature- shoe, the adidas Gil Zero, through its paces, Professor K thinks the self proclaimed "Hibachi Grill" might just be on to something. And don't miss the Prof's interviews with both the Zero's designer, Kyle Pulli, and the Hibachi himself, Gilbert Arenas.

Showcase Retrospective: For Those Who May Have Missed This
SC takes us back to some classic photos of the earlier issues to show off some vintage and rarely-seen sneakers worn by some of the hottest models - and don't forget to check out the shoes.

Make any holiday cash for being on the nice list? If you did, then make your way to the stores and spend it on some of the most original and innovative kicks that have ever hit the shelves. Let SC be your New Year's guide to what's hot.

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