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The BCC: Boot Camp Clique
The BCC: Boot Camp Clique

Already at the forefront of the athletic footwear revolution, Nike applies its skills to build a better boot.

Over the years Nike, Inc. has offered consumers some of the best athletic footwear and apparel in the world. And by consistently reinventing itself with new technologies, remixed retro releases or a combination of the two, the company has managed to stay a step ahead of the competition for more than two decades. No matter the category, Nike has shown that it has the Midas touch, delivering classics since the 70s.
Nike Air Max GoaDome
When it comes to boots, the Swoosh first entered the field in 1989 with the Lava Dome — the progenitor of a line that left many scratching their heads at the time (Is it a sneaker, or a hiking shoe?). But it became one of those got-to-have-it kicks that now plays as significant a role in the Nike family tree as the Waffle Trainer, Air Tech Challenge and Air Flight Huarache.

Jump to the present and the descendants of the Lava Dome — the Air GoaPath II, Air Baltoro (pictured at top), Air Baltoro II and Air Max GoaDome — have Nike’s boot line back in bloom, only this time around they’re eating up miles on the blacktop instead of in the backcountry. So what’s all the fuss about you ask? Well, let’s just say that urban assault boots are here, and they are here to stay. And Nike’s offerings are blowing up the category because they combine the look and durability of a boot, with the feel and comfort of a sneaker. Cap that off with the ever-present SWOOSH! and you have instant classics like the Jordan-inspired Air Baltoro in red, white and black, and the go-anywhere, do-anything Air Max GoaDome finished in premium waterproof leather. Nike clearly got the message that performance boot buyers want a heaping helping of style to go along with their substance.
Nike Air Max GoaPath II
And on the topic of style, I can only speak for the regions within which I reside (Philadelphia) and regularly travel between (the DC to NYC corridor), but it seems clear to me that no one does Swoosh-ified urban hikers justice like the people in the Baltimore/Alexandria, VA vicinity. Without question, the closer you get to DC the more Nike boots you will see — so much so that, if you need lessons on how they’re meant to be rocked, just hang out for a minute in Prince George’s County, DC or Northern VA. Personally, I try to stay correct with the Nike Shox Neo, but I also know enough to reserve them for Philly and NYC ’cause I don’t want to front like I know what’s up when I’m in Maryland.

Still, whether your flavor of choice goes by the name of Neo, Baltoro, GoaDome or GoaPath, you can’t go wrong with a fresh pair. So if you find yourself in the Metro area (i.e. Maryland/DC/VA), make sure to head over to Downtown Locker Room and tell ’em “AG” sent you.

Stay fly!Sole Collector