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AF1 Custom Contest

The following is a list of websites of all the customizers who participated in our AF1 Custom Contest, starting with the 6 winners: 2 in each category. The total prize money of $1,500 was matched by Footlocker to become a total of $3,000. The First Place Winners each receive $700 and the Second Place Winners $300 each.



First Place Winner: Painting Skills


First Place Winner: Creativity


Emmanuel Golden,
First Place Winner: Working with Fabric



Second Place Winner: Working with Fabric



Junior Veloz
Second Place Winner: Creativity



Dan Gamache,
Second Place Winner: Painting Skills


The following customs are in no particular order

Greg McMillan,



Chris Hui,



Brandon Thompson,



Andrew Matthias,



Gabe Parra,



Mike Miscannon,



Brandon Laskowski,



Jani Romppanen,



Brian "Chef" Spar,



James See/1 OF Customs,



Omar Shaikh,



Sahdir Ellis,



Ryon W. Thornton,



Philip Commissiong,



Jason Schmidt,



Chen Chen



Chris and Jon Hill,



Zach Thomas,



Jarrett Kelly (Melas),



Kevin Blodgett "KB",



Timothy Madrid,



Michael Solomon Smith,