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Jordan Air Jordan XXI
The Power of One

The XXI marks an intriguing if imperfect beginning to the second great act in the Air Jordan story — a story that’s remained remarkably compelling after more than two decades in the telling.
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Nike Zoom LeBron III
Full Metal Jacket
Like a precisely engineered part hewn from a solid block of aluminum, the Zoom LeBron III feels like it’s meant to last and help you last over the long haul.
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Jordan Air Jordan XIV
My Favorite Things
Like the magnificent Ferrari 550 Maranello that in part inspired it, the 7-year-old Air Jordan XIV still manages to put most of its modern-day competition to shame.
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New Balance BB902
BB902 Good to Ignore
If you’re an all-around baller looking for performance, durability and value, the New Balance BB902 is a shoe you can’t afford to ignore.
Jordan Melo 5.5 Read the review

About Our Reviews

Our footwear reviews are focused on performance, not fashion. Ratings are given for the individual attributes of comfort & fit, cushioning, ankle support and traction, and are based our reviewers’ direct experience with a shoe.

That experience consists of at least eight wearings of no less than an hour each. An overall grade is also assigned and it is based on a combination of the individual break-out ratings plus non-rated attributes including value, build-quality and how effectively the various elements of a shoe are integrated into a cohesive whole.

And finally, listed weights are per individual shoe in a U.S. men’s size 11 — for comparison, a can of soda weighs about 13 ounces.

If you have any questions about our reviews or our methodology, or would like to suggest a shoe for review, please don't hesitate to contact us at reviews@airjordannikes.com.

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